Trends on Station 19

12/18 01:21
Did they just say March 4th?!?!?! How y'all end #Station19 like that.. Then say next airing date is March 4th?!??!!?!?!? Bruhhhhh
12/17 22:02
*sighs in black exhaustion* #Station19
12/17 21:42
This episode has me triggered. Wow just wow I have no words #Station19 #GreysxStation19
12/17 21:42
tonight’s episode of #Station19 was so beautifully written, it’s sad how accurate of a depiction it was of cops in the real world. Thank you to the writers and producers for providing us insight into this serious issue. we need more love in this world ♥️
12/17 21:42
Tonight’s powerful #Station19 is written by the wonderful Tyrone Finch and directed by the extraordinary @MichaelMedicoLA We are so proud of this one.
12/17 21:22
Whoaaaaa #Station19 that episode! Police racial biases & corrupt behaviors. Taken African American girls. Policing violent behaviors/actions towards African American men & women. Sadly it also displayed how we do not have allies. Those willing to be the buffer btwn us & police.
12/17 20:42
so andy and sullivan can do it an office but bailey has to work through grieving the loss of her mom #Station19
12/17 20:41
Good night everyone Doctora Carina DeLuca on 🔥 @spampistefania #Station19
12/17 20:41
@Station19 I hope Sullivan doesn't get hurt in this episode because of Miller, because I'm already upset enough with him and I don't need any more ...
12/17 20:41
can we take a minute to appreciate maya bishop. i just love her #Station19
12/17 20:22
Contrary to popular belief, your captain does know how to crack jokes and party!🕺🏻💥 Who’s ready for the @Station19 Winter Finale?!! #station19
12/17 20:21
Okay Vic, we see you 👀 #Station19
12/10 21:41
When Travis doesn’t get his most important meal of the day 🥺 #Station19
12/10 20:41
[#Station19  ] [#Marina] smile baby
12/06 13:23
@Station19 @spampistefania @D_SAVRE so when are you gonna actually write them a consistent storyline and give them screentime
12/03 21:22
Sullivan's career is on trial Thursday at 8|7c on ABC. #Station19
12/03 21:02
Warren is BREAKING my heart. #Station19
12/03 21:02
East Coast #Station19 family, let's do this!!
12/03 20:42
@Station19 @iJesseWilliams No we don’t. We like to see Jackson in the OR doing what a surgeon does, not rolling around playing firefighter with Ben. Y’all tried it though.
12/03 20:42
Dixon. Did. Not. #Station19