Trends on 90 Day Fiance

03/08 02:21
At the end of the day no matter how crazy Natalie is. If Michael doesnt want to marry her, he should just tell her so she can leave. Coz honestly avoiding it its toxic and childesh.#90DayFiance
03/08 01:21
Stephanie needs help & therapy ASAP! This woman is a mess. She needs 2 sit down w/a therapist 2 figure out why her self-esteem is so low. Buying gifts & having sex w/her fiance's cousin will not solve any of her problems. She's her own worst enemy #90DayFiance
03/08 00:22
“You’re making me drink” Jovi?! #90DayFiance
03/07 23:23
@LouDurbin33 @90DayFiance A hoe? Are you talking about the same Yara? #90dayfiance
03/07 22:44
#90dayfiance I feel like we should help Amira's dad get a GoFundMe started to have Mike Tyson punch Andrew is his bleeping face.
03/07 22:23
“I’m at my FAVORITE strip club” #90dayfiance
03/07 21:43
#90dayfiance listen, I don't know why Tarik and Hazel are playing how to lose a man in 10 days, but calling Minty is like a day 10 hail mary.
03/07 21:43
I cannot wait when Brandon's Julia says "Is it pregnant or not" 🤣🤣 #90DayFiance
03/07 21:43
Let’s reach out to our ex gf to ask her what we should look for in a new gf. Tarik. 😑 #90DayFiance
03/07 21:43
Oh now Brandon done made Julia cry!!!,🤬🤬 And she is the only normal woman this season. He got to catch these hands now. #90DayFiance
03/07 21:23
‘Contact me if you wanna go to Serbia.’ BOY, FUCK YOU. #90DayFiance
03/07 21:22
I wouldn’t go to Target for Andrew, much less Serbia #90DayFiance
03/07 21:22
Just letting you know I'm #TeamNoOne 🙅‍♀️ Amira moves like she has rigor mortis. Her and Florian would make a great couple. #90DayFiance
03/07 21:01
Harris: I jumped over a crocodile pit, walked knee deep in leech infested swamp for 3 days, built a bridge and crossed a river, then swam up stream for 7 hours, scuba dived to submerbed ruins, then caught a boat then repaired a bus and drove it here....@90DayFiance #90DayFiance
03/07 20:42
I can't believe they really up here looking for a girlfriend during the pandemic and he has a child in the house and a wedding in less than 90days. He still want Minty. #90DayFiance
03/04 15:24
#90DayFiance welp, Steph is moving on~🤣
03/04 15:24
#90DayFiance what is Stephanie on ???she can’t even keep her eyes open when she says Ryan 50 thousand times !!!! Lord she is a mess!
03/04 14:04
Yasssss wena Zied, its YOUR time now baba. Mtjele!! #90DayFiance
02/28 21:50
You can’t get married during Ramadan. Didn’t Rebecca watch season 2? #90DayFiance
02/28 21:29
Yes she is blaming you for Mexico... as she should #90DayFiance