Trends on Bold & The Beautiful

04/23 14:05
Penny is NOT a G. Stop all that hyperventilating and flipping out about things you can’t change. You need to focus. #BoldandBeautiful
03/17 14:21
Beth with that smile. I could scream #BoldandBeautiful
03/17 14:21
#Boldandbeautiful they gained Douglas and dropped Kelly
11/08 20:01
Oh look she just so happens to stop in the room with the hydrofluoric acid #BoldandBeautiful
10/08 14:21
This kidney donation storyline is already torture , it’s like tearing off a bandaid really , really slow ......... ugh 😑 #BoldandBeautiful
09/03 14:22
It's been a week since we've seen Tater tot and HOLY SMOKES she's already reading 😳. @MadelinePValdez #BoldandBeautiful #BoldandtheBeautiful
08/15 16:21
Xander didn’t lie, he was stopped by Thomas and Zoe from telling the truth. The way they treating him is wrong. #BoldandBeautiful
08/09 16:04
@BandB_CBS @boldinsider You better back the hell up Steffy. That's Hope's baby & she's been grieving her for almost a year. #BoldandBeautiful
06/21 14:20
Emma running to hope right now #BoldandBeautiful
06/13 14:03
So everyone will know and never tell #BoldandBeautiful
06/12 14:02
@torymisspelling @GrangerGlen Carter is going to slow walk those annulment papers till the truth is out. #Boldandbeautiful
06/11 14:02
Ugh, they resurrected “cha cha cha”?! That’s a big reason I hate Leffy. #BoldandBeautiful