Trends on Bold & The Beautiful

01/25 14:45
That's okay, Donna. I talk about how hot @LSaintVictor is all the time on Twitter and he sees it. Of course, @-ing him, probably is part of it. 😂😂😂 #BoldAndBeautiful
01/22 13:45
"Your were devoted to Hope so what the hell happened?" Idk what the hell happened to your devotion for Sally? #BoldandBeautiful
11/09 14:25
The way everyone in the hashtag is like....ok but the homicidal mannequin DOES have a point there #BoldandBeautiful
10/23 14:46
This Hope doll stuff needs to STOP for so many obvious reasons #BoldandBeautiful
10/23 14:45
09/30 14:25
Oh pls! This Flo and Shauna propping is massive sickening. I turned in for just one episode, bc #Bridge were on, but omg this is turning my stomach 🤮WTF is this???? 2 complete looser, lying characters are the poor victims now #BoldandBeautiful expects us 2 enjoy watching?
07/08 14:25
Yes Bridget. Do that thing. Jennifer Finnegan is the GOAT!! #BoldAndBeautiful
06/26 22:44
Only 20 minutes, until the #DaytimeEmmys come on. I'm so excited! Congratulations to all the nominees. I love all of them. #YR #GH #Days #BoldandBeautiful
06/26 22:44
Heather Tom is chasing history..she will always be a cut above the rest.ALWAYS. She’s right up there with Susan Flannery and Erika Slezak❤️❤️👏👏👏#Boldandbeautiful
06/26 22:25
Congrats to #BoldandBeautiful’s @BBheathertom - Outstanding Lead Actress winner! #DaytimeEmmys @BandB_CBS #DaytimeEmmys2020 #CBS
06/26 22:05
👏👏👏 CONGRATS #BoldandBeautiful writing team!! 🎉 🎉 🎉 #DaytimeEmmys @MicheleValJean @adusevoir @MulcaheyPatrick @markpinciotti @Michaelminnis2 #BradBell 🥳
06/24 14:25
#Boldandbeautiful How cute is it that Stephanie's namesake is Taylor's daughter and Douglas is also a namesake of Stephanie. Taylor, her kids and Stephanie are connected forever.
06/19 14:05
@eileen_davidson I think Ashley should make a trip to LA again 🌟 #BoldandBeautiful
06/08 14:24
Joanna Johnson (Caroline) is an out lesbian and exec producer of The Fosters & Good Trouble. She was in her early 20s on B&B struggled deeply with having to stay closeted in the 80s as part of a popular soap supercouple. #BoldandBeautiful
06/02 14:24
I never thought i could kill anybody. Really Sheila???🤣🤣🤣 #BoldandBeautiful
05/27 14:25
#Boldandbeautiful The fact Rick is telling Phoebe about her "dad" who is his brother.
05/27 14:25
Despite their history, Amber stood up for Brooke (helping thwart Ridge’s takeover plot) & was fiercely protective of her husband Rick. Even while pregnant, Amber wasn’t afraid to fight Ridge when he called her trash over & over! Love this scene #BoldandBeautiful #BringBackAmber
05/21 13:45
05/11 14:26
Fashion shows! Real fashion shows. I’ve missed this on #BoldandBeautiful
05/08 14:06
#BoldandBeautiful There was....a lot of negative energy at this wedding and for good reason