Trends on Bold & The Beautiful

05/14 14:27
Oh pls! This Flo and Shauna propping is massive sickening. I turned in for just one episode, bc #Bridge were on, but omg this is turning my stomach 🤮WTF is this???? 2 complete looser, lying characters are the poor victims now #BoldandBeautiful expects us 2 enjoy watching?
05/14 14:26
The only way that there could truly be an unexpected twist in this murder mystery is if Liam is deemed innocent AND Zoe is the one who pushed Vinny into the street. Remember they know each other and Kiara is leaving. Otherwise knowing is unexpected #BoldandBeautiful
05/14 14:26
Eric forgave Brooke AFTER she got pregnant by their daughters husband but he REFUSES to forgive Quinn? The reason why Quinn had leverage over Brooke was because Brooke was kissing Bill behind her his sons back!Yeah. I’m WAY over Eric’s sanctimonious ass. #BoldandBeautiful
05/14 14:26
#BoldandBeautiful can we get 4 scenes with Quinn and Carter? I need a dollar. 😉 🤣 #Quarter
05/14 14:25
Quinn is escaping geriatric hell! Yasss— #BoldandBeautiful
04/28 14:24
Yooooo. They really got Hope up here trying to make that cheating ass LIAM feel better lmao #boldandbeautiful
04/23 14:27
I don't view Bill & Katie's love as the end all be all. He's cheated on her numerous times and mainly with her sister. Like what's beautiful and about that. Stop making Katie a phucking doormat. #BoldAndBeautiful #BoldandtheBeautiful
04/23 14:26
Beth spending time with Thomas and Hope said Beth is definitely a fan of Thomas’s #Thope #BoldandBeautiful
04/16 14:26
Why is Charlie picking on poor Liam #boldandbeautiful
04/12 14:27
Thomas about to wreck sh!t and I’m here for it! He’s blood Marone and I’d love to see the Mass come out to play! Those Spencer bitches wanna call him crazy, they ain’t seen nothing yet! #BoldandBeautiful
04/09 14:25
It was well known Vinny was a dealer or did Bill just out himself?#boldandthebeautiful #BoldandBeautiful
04/02 14:45
Why is the whole cast propping Lope?? Paris doesn’t really even know Lope or Thomas but she’s out here talking like she’s best friends with them. If it takes a whole cast to make a couple happen,the couple isn’t working!! #BoldandBeautiful
03/31 14:27
Y'all wild out here in soap Twitter 😂😂😂 Understand that Brooke Logan could run in a burning building rescuing blind puppies and I still ain't got love for her😂😂😂 #BoldandBeautiful
03/29 14:27
I swear I've heard Wyatt tell Steffy, Hope, sally and Katie they were his "one true love" #BoldandBeautiful
03/29 14:27
#BoldandBeautiful Did Wyatt just call Flo, “fly”?
03/26 14:25
Katie: We are Logan women, that's what we do, we love each other, we support each other... we sleep with each other boyfriends/husbands... #BoldandBeautiful
03/17 15:25
Now about that picture Finn......... #boldandbeautiful
03/17 15:25
I love how Steffy remembered to text her dad with her good news but she didn’t give 2 shits about Liam! #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:45
So Zende's romantic getaway was a day at the Forrester house?? 🤦🏾‍♀️ #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:45
That dress! 😍🙌 #BoldandBeautiful