Trends on Bold & The Beautiful

03/05 14:45
So Zende's romantic getaway was a day at the Forrester house?? 🤦🏾‍♀️ #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:45
Zoe you know where the Door is, see yourself out! 🙄🤣 #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:45
That dress! 😍🙌 #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:45
Carter letting Zoe know he is not Reese, Xander or Thomas #BoldandBeautiful
03/05 14:44
Paris looking at Zende like #BoldandBeautiful
03/03 15:24
Aren’t they tired? Bold KEEPS trying to build a relationship between Flo and their audience and we reject it every single time and will continue to reject it. Btw Flo is the Peter (#gh) of #boldandbeautiful
03/03 15:07
Fans as long as Steffy stops hurting Hope. Like she’s setting out to hurt Hope,y’all need to worry about Liam who can’t stay faithful to her. And let’s not forget that Hope has set out to hurt Steffy more than once... She’s not Miss Innocent #BoldandBeautiful
03/03 15:07
I don't view Bill & Katie's love as the end all be all. He's cheated on her numerous times and mainly with her sister. Like what's beautiful and about that. Stop making Katie a phucking doormat. #BoldAndBeautiful #BoldandtheBeautiful
03/01 14:29
Vinny wants Steffy and is big mad that Finn has her #boldandbeautiful
03/01 14:29
Finn not missing out on his first child ultrasound #BoldandBeautiful
02/26 14:26
WTH! So first we don’t see Faith confront Sharon and now It’s a new day and Vinny doesn’t answer Thomas?? Your shows aren’t good enough to pull this crap #BoldandBeautiful #yr
02/26 14:25
Another reason Liam is so hated: he treats Kelly like an afterthought. Your children should always come first. All of them. Period. And if your spouse doesn't get that, you chose the wrong spouse #boldandbeautiful
02/26 13:46
It just seems a bit odd to me seeing Wyatt talking to Katie about getting back with $Bill when they were in a relationship once upon a time. 🤔 #BoldandBeautiful
02/19 14:25
Run for the hills Paris. Zende ain’t shit, Bill ain’t shit, Liam ain’t shit, Eric ain’t shit, Wyatt ain’t shit, Ridge ain’t shit. Do you see the pattern? #BoldandBeautiful
02/19 14:24
Bruh when was the last time Brooke and Ridge mentioned their anchor child RJ? Do they even check in with him? This is no bridge fan should be mad when we say that kid should have been Nick’s ☠️ #BoldandBeautiful
02/17 15:06
Live shot at Hope at the shed: #BoldandBeautiful
01/25 14:45
That's okay, Donna. I talk about how hot @LSaintVictor is all the time on Twitter and he sees it. Of course, @-ing him, probably is part of it. 😂😂😂 #BoldAndBeautiful
01/22 13:45
"Your were devoted to Hope so what the hell happened?" Idk what the hell happened to your devotion for Sally? #BoldandBeautiful
11/09 14:25
The way everyone in the hashtag is like....ok but the homicidal mannequin DOES have a point there #BoldandBeautiful
11/02 14:26
Who can't wait for Quinn to go off tomorrow. A lot of them need a taste of their own medicine lol 😆. #BoldandBeautiful #teamquinn