Trends on Young & The Restless

05/12 13:47
Looks like Rey isn't coming home. 😢💔 #YR
05/12 13:47
Chelsea...... #yr WHY is she still on this wheelchair???
05/12 13:46
So yeah Adam might be Faith’s donor after all...#YR #Shadam
05/12 13:46
Sharon during this whole sl: #YR
05/12 13:27
Let me just get out my gay ships: Adam and re-cast Chance #yr Devon and Nick #yr Theo and Kyle ( I know they are related but they not blood 😂 ) #yr Zende and Carter #BoldandBeautiful Thomas and Liam #BoldandBeautiful Midwest and Bible Belt will unfollow me now 😂
05/10 13:27
Amanda is all.... #YR
05/10 13:26
Amanda and Imani showing the black queen energy! #YR
05/05 13:47
Let #Tessa be the kidney match. At least it’ll give her a SL & ALL the Newman’s will have to be grateful to the grifter. Victor will choke 🤣🤣 #Teriah #YR
05/03 13:46
That Jordan ‘ish better not chase after #Moses at school! #YR #Faith
04/28 13:44
Kyle trusts Tara? He really isn't Diane's kid, is he? Just Jack's. And poor Summer over here trying to get him to see this woman is playing him. Bless my sweet, Newman princess trying to help her dumb, dumb, completely dumb fiance. #yr #skyle
04/28 13:44
One of the few reasons I watch Y&R because of those beautiful people Kyle Abbott and Summer Newman the best love story! #Skyle #YR
04/28 13:44
Did Sally just say she’s in love with Jack Abbott? #YR
04/28 13:24
Convince me Tara doesn’t want Ashland to find out she boned Kyle. She’s making too many careless mistakes taking to this man and she keeps calling and running into Kyle. #YR
04/27 13:44
#yr #Lilliam 🚨🚨🚨 Attention CBS viewers 🚨🚨🚨 You won't want to miss Monday's episode. Billy (@MyJasonThompson ) and Lily (@ChristelAdnana ) make love!!!!
04/27 13:44
Meanwhile Nate is eye f*cking Elena at the same time he’s hollering he don’t want her 🙄 #Elate #YR
04/27 13:44
Sean Dominic has chemistry with everyone. Let Nate try to romance Lola and see how I act a fool... #YR
04/21 13:47
So Tara can take care of herself, but is still going to call Kyle every five minutes? #YR
04/21 13:27
04/21 13:06
Isn’t it too early for Mariah to be having morning sickness? #YR
04/14 13:46
I love Moses and the way he was with Nate and Devon #YR