Trends on A Double Shot At Love

10/08 21:21
Nikki really wifed a hoe and they said you couldn’t turn a hoe into a housewife #doubleshotatlove
10/08 21:21
Been a #JerseyShore fan since the start and Pauly D looks so happy with Nikki .... if he’s happy we are all happy 😢 #IStan #DoubleShotAtLove #JSFamilyVacation
10/08 21:01
When Derynn said she wasn't trying to have sex with Ricky #DoubleShotAtLove
10/08 21:01
Derryn: You were living with this girl for a monthhhh. Pretty Ricky: YEAH QUARANTINEEEEE LMAOOO Pretty Ricky is a fool for that one! #doubleshotatlove
10/01 20:20
I don't know guys... I'm a little nervous for this Reunion. #DoubleShotAtLove
09/17 21:20
#DoubleShotAtLove Suzi's Face when Nikki threw her drink was priceless.
09/17 21:01
Is this... Trey Songz’s house? #doubleshotatlove
09/17 21:00
I can’t believe this is about a fountain. @MTVShotAtLove @495Prods @sallyannsalsano #DoubleShotAtLove
09/17 20:40
Wait what.... our prank just got them arguing with eachother! LMAOOOOO #doubleshotatlove
09/10 21:20
Everybody meet the goat...uncle Nino @MTVShotAtLove #doubleshotatlove
09/10 21:20
Vinny on the date rn “you like oysters” #doubleshotatlove
09/10 21:20
Maria may realize that they are not boyfriend and girlfriend, but in my head, she and Vinny are basically engaged. #doubleshotatlove #mtvdoubleshotatlove
09/10 21:01
#DoubleShotAtLove Brandon wasn't int he wrong, it just goes to show that Marissa can't handle a just sex relationship. She should just admit it.
09/10 21:00
Marissa if ur feeling changed THATS ON YOU, not him. Suck it up and get over it, he don’t want you, next fucking case. Cause this storyline is tired and through at this point. Y’all need to leave Brandon tf alone, not bout to demonize him like y’all did Nicki. #DoubleShotAtLove
09/10 20:40
It’s even more funny because Angelina isn’t even staying the night!! She kicked those girls out of the place when she’s going home!! I love the power #DoubleShotAtLove
08/13 21:00
My first night in MIAMI! BABY! #doubleshotatlove
08/06 20:40
I just love @B_lashess she’s hands down my favorite. When she took off her lashes and said “it’s Brittani Bitch” just topped it off for me. She’s so amazing and beautiful! #DoubleShotAtLove
07/16 21:00
.@ItsTheSituation when Antonio says they are "related". #DoubleShotAtLove
07/09 21:21
Strip clubs and family dinners have never failed us. ☝️ #DoubleShotAtLove
06/25 20:40
It’s time to get to work! But will @B_Lashess and @Derynn_Paige get their first strike on Day 1? ❌ Find out on tonight’s new #DoubleShotAtLove at 8/7c on @MTV!