Trends on Hardball with Chris Matthews

03/02 21:09
Mayor Pete just saved Steve Kornacki #hardball #msnbc
03/02 21:09
Steve Kornacki starting to cry over Chris Matthews..... #Hardball #inners
03/02 19:24
Today is one hell of a day innit? This avalanche of endorsements before Super Tuesday and now Chris Matthews retiring from #Hardball. There is a lot of news.
02/28 20:01
Omg Chris Matthews is losing it, he just confused Democrat Jamie Harrison the candidate running against Lindsey Graham for Tim Scott the only black sitting Senator on the GOP side! #hardball #FireChrisMathews
02/27 20:26
From a New Yorker: PLEASE stop voting for New Yorker's. Nobody has answered why did Trump get away with what he did for so long. Nobody has answered why Don Jr has STILL not answered for campaign finance violations. Being too dumb is NOT a defense #thebeat #hardball #inners
02/25 20:25
Paul Ryan claiming that as an American he's scared that Bernie Sanders will be the nominee is hilarious. His party is led by a bloated diaper.😂 [Disclaimer I'm not a Sanders supporter]. My message to Paul Ryan #Hardball
02/24 20:28
Did Nina Turner just quote Tulsi Gabbard to defend Bernie Sanders? #Hardball
02/21 20:42
OH GOD! Chris Matthews is going to hold a town hall with Pete Buttigieg and he can't even say his last name. #Hardball
02/20 21:27
How about reporting on how McConnell is doing absolutely nothing to protect our elections? I’m guessing Russia is also trying to help Repubs win too!! #Hardball
02/19 19:41
Every time I see Nina Turner on tv. #Hardball
02/18 20:24
Funny now how everyone is rallying around how great the Economy was under President Obama. Where was all this praise when he was in office? #Hardball #inners
02/18 07:20
02/18 00:45
BREAKING: John Bolton spoke publicly for the first time since the impeachment trial. He was asked whether he thought Trump's July 25 call was “perfect.” Bolton says “you'll love Chapter 14” of his book. #Hardball
02/13 22:05
Michael Moore next on #hardball NOPE!! HARD PASS! Stomach not in the mood for him to be slobbering all over Bernie's knob.
02/13 21:28
If you guys believe #AttorneyGeneral #BillBarr all of a sudden grew a backbone, then you’re beyond #gullible. This is for SHOW people, nothing more, nothing less. #ImpeachBarr #Barr @TheRoot #AGWilliamBarr #DOJ #Hardball
02/13 21:28
"It rarely gets said in these last few days how many people under Bloomberg got stopped: 5 million black and brown, mostly men, mostly young, stopped by the police ... It's so repulsive." @MMFlint on Bloomberg's Stop-and-frisk policy. #Hardball
02/10 20:46
01/28 20:23
I personally think there was nothing wrong with Joe Biden's reaction to that voter from Iowa. #Hardball
01/14 20:02
With the #parnas information, it is insane to lead off #hardball with this non-story of Bernie vs Warren.
01/14 19:43
#Hardball Drag her Chris drag that lying Nina how the fuck does she know she wasnt there