Trends on The Bold Type

01/27 14:21
#TheBoldType will return for a fifth and final season on Freeform, to air later this year.
07/16 23:43 the only plotline I like in this episode is Jane's. So proud of Aisha and the girls for speaking out cuz my word what is happening?? #TheBoldType #thanksIhateit
07/16 23:42
I love #theboldtype but wow this season. Sutton, strong and hardworking and driven, needs a 40 year old man to want her or she immediately becomes an alcoholic and sleeps with married men??? But she got over a miscarriage in the course of an episode???
07/16 23:42
Come on, #theboldtype. You can do better than that anticlimactic finale. And I KNOW you can do better for Kat and Sutton.
07/16 23:23
Idk. Ian lying bro. Sounding hella sus rn #TheBoldType
07/16 23:23
Jacqueline Carlyle approved. 👍 #TheBoldType
07/10 00:02
So you're really going to breakup Sutton and Richard and replace it with Kat and Ava. Thats not an equal replacement #TheBoldType
07/09 23:04
Ask Alex knows everything. #TheBoldType
06/18 23:22
Scott.. Cupcakes.. Boobs.. Whipped Cream.. Whoops #TheBoldType
03/26 21:49
OLIVER OFFICIATING MAKES ME TEAR UP SO MUCH 🥺🤧 #theboldtype #theboldchat @MeghannFeghann
03/19 22:26
Not Ryan's proudest moment. #TheBoldType
03/12 23:07
I really really love #TheBoldType, BUT the writers are ruining my girl Adena and I won't accept that.
06/11 21:21
FINALE TONIGHTTTTT! So many feelingssssssss i’m not ready 🙈 but also i’m like SOOO ready! Live tweeting tonight!! #TheBoldType
06/11 21:21
@TheBoldTypeTV My face after reading #TheBoldType will return in 2020
06/11 21:20
Scarlet print is shut down? You’re just gonna end it like that for real?! #TheBoldType
06/11 21:20
@KadenaStudio My fave is still the first kiss in 104 but the dildo packing scene in 101 is electric. The chemistry was exploding from the screen. I was hooked on #kadena from that point. #TheBoldType
06/11 21:20
#TheBoldType is happening NOW!! Let's watch, let's chat, let's feel #TheBoldTypeChat
06/11 21:01
Kat, you're better than this. You were basically Tia 2 seasons ago. Don't do that. #TheBoldType #TheBoldTypeChat
06/11 21:01