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02/22 17:26
02/22 17:26
Thinking about how we have to wait until March to see if Meredith Grey survives or not #GreysAnatomy
02/22 15:46
Some of y'all threatening to boycott G's directed episode.... Now wouldn't it be great if he directs more episodes for y'all to boycott. We can finally get rid of you morons for good. 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣😏😉 #GreysAnatomy
02/22 15:46
This is the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen! How can a person be that stunning? #BrookeSmith #EricaHahn #GreysAnatomy @Iam_BrookeSmith @GreysABC
02/15 14:46
How many times have you watched every season of #GreysAnatomy?
02/15 13:26
02/02 12:23
@GreysABC Just thinking about calzona #GreysAnatomy
01/30 12:21
01/05 12:24
Mer getting put on the vent 🥺 but realizing that we're getting more beach scenes 🤗 #GreysAnatomy #GreysxStation19
12/26 12:41
Waiting for Lexie and Mark to show up #GreysxStation19 #GreysAnatomy
12/23 23:22
I just wanted to say that, I love Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey and really am so happy to have them as idols, they will always make me smile and believe that good things happen to us at the right time❤️✨🗣️ #GreysAnatomy #dempeo
12/23 23:22
12/18 13:41
Mer's on a ventilator?! Y'all are taking this a little too far now. 😭😭😭 #GreysAnatomy
12/18 02:20
me, having to wait until March #GreysAnatomy
12/18 00:00
How do you expect me to wait until MARCH 4TH???? #GreysAnatomy #GreysABC
12/17 22:21
@UnearthIyChiId @Smove_operator @FireflyRaine @mndspeak @babisamii @lilmzchef247 @chbrugge @PunkinGotPeace @Patrici95843482 DeLuca saw her!!! Karina help your brother dammit! They better call the police! #GreysAnatomy
12/17 22:01
Whew. #GreysAnatomy is GOING there on protecting Black women and girls. Speak, Maggie!!
12/17 21:41
There is no way in hell the Sex Trafficker is back #GreysAnatomy
12/17 21:41
I just feel like Schmidt be getting the short end of the stick and ALWAYS gets stuck with the crazies, cuz we all know DAMN WELL this lady is up to no good 🤦🏾‍♀️ #GreysAnatomy @GreysABC @JakeBorelli
12/17 21:41
#GreysAnatomy Richard: "Name Your Demons, Clean Up Your Messes."