Trends on American Housewife

03/31 21:23
This is now a Katie Otto appreciation episode 💜 Thanks for watching #AmericanHousewife!
03/31 21:22
Oliver parents are meeting Cooper’s father, no siblings, dinner... I mean? 👀 Cooliver sitting next to each other... #AmericanHousewife
03/31 21:22
Taylor barely dodged that kiss #AmericanHousewife
03/31 21:22
i was freaking out about cooper leaving, then trip asked taylor in marriage, the cooper was staying and then katie says that she’s pregnant, i meaaaan??? slow down guys!!! #AmericanHousewife
03/03 21:23
Will Oliver accept help from his sister? 👇 #AmericanHousewife
03/03 21:23
anna kat ur so cute #americanhousewife
02/24 21:27
Set your DVRs for the 100th episode of American Housewife on Wednesday at 830pm!!! How would you feel if you missed it??? #AmericanHousewife
02/24 21:05
I redid my #AmericanHousewife Bitmojis to include Tami, JD, Trip, Cooper, and Franklin! #AmericanHousewife100 @hollyrpeete @TheJakeChoi @pepper_logan
01/13 21:24
All new mayhem with Ottos tonight!!! Tune in to find out what Greg is doing? #AmericanHousewife @AmericanWifeABC 8:30/7:30c @ABCNetwork 🤣🤣🤣
10/28 21:43
Wait...they replaced Anna Kat on #AmericanHousewife ????
05/21 22:20
Kudos to the cast & crew of @AmericanWifeABC on their brilliant musical filled finale & a super spectacular season! I can’t wait for my favorite family to be back in the Fall. Thank you for the love, laughs, and lessons that are a stellar staple of the series! #AmericanHousewife
05/07 20:42
Anything so Katie can avoid Chloe 👌🙌 #AmericanHousewife